Uruguay: The Rise of a Monocentric Economy, 1870-1913 (with Emiliano Travieso).

Who Writes Latin American Economic History? (with Johan Fourie and Xabier García-Fuente)

Mexican economic growth in the 19th century: a reassessment (with Sandra Kuntz-Ficker)

The social savings of Bolivian railways (with Manuel E. Contreras)

Paving the way to modern growth. Evidence from Bourbon roads in Spain (with Miquel-Àngel López-Garcia, Filippo Tassinari and Elisabet Viladecans)

The evolution of intergenerational transfers in Spain in the long-term (1958-2012): preliminary results (with Sergio Espuelas-Barroso, Concepció Patxot-Cardoner and Guadalupe Souto-Neves).

Funding Latin American railways, 1860-1913. A Comparative Study in Speculation, Corruption and Market Power (with Rui Esteves).