Path dependence and the growth of cities: evidence from the Bourbons’ radial network in Spain (with Miquel-Àngel López-Garcia, Filippo Tassinari and Elisabet Viladecans)

The evolution of public and private transfers between age groups in Spain: the impact of demography and the welfare state (with Sergio Espuelas-Barroso, Concepció Patxot-Cardoner and Guadalupe Souto-Neves).

Funding Latin American railways, 1860-1913. A Comparative Study in Speculation, Corruption and Market Power (with Rui Esteves).

Military spending as a coup-proofing strategy: opening the ‘black box’ for Spain (1850-1915) (with Oriol Sabaté-Domingo and Sergio Espuelas-Barroso).

A preliminary estimate of Ecuador’s GDP, 1900-1950 (with Atenea Castillo and Julio César Reyna).